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New Release: "Spot of Bother" by Pahnl

2019 Art Print Graffiti Street New Release Pahnl

Pahnl will be releasing an alluring new print this week via Graffiti Street, entitled Spot of Bother.  This one's a 65 x 65 cm 69-color screen print, in a signed & numbered edition of 40, and will cost £225.

On sale Wednesday, April 1st, 2019, at 7:00am Pacific time (10am EST) at

"Spot of Bother" by Pahnl

"Spot of Bother" (Detail 1) by Pahnl

"Spot of Bother" (Detail 2) by Pahnl

"Spot of Bother" (Detail 3) by Pahnl


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