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About us

Kickass Posters is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

Our main goal is to provide access to some of the hottest gig posters & art prints on the market. We realize how difficult it is to secure these pieces in the retail setting, and we pride ourselves in making these special pieces available.

Our ever-changing inventory at Kickass Posters consists of limited-edition silk-screened gig posters, alternative movie posters and fine art prints from today's top artists and designers from across the globe. These prints are of the highest quality, using state-of-the-art techniques, and only the finest inks and papers.

Check back frequently as we are regularly adding new inventory to the store or join our mailing list to get insider access to special sales and to be among the firsts to receive news about upcoming new releases.

All of our artwork is stored in a controlled, smoke-free environment and upon ordering will be carefully packed in a sturdy tube or box and wrapped in kraft paper to ensure it arrives to you safely.

Each poster is usually signed and numbered in a limited edition and such information will be noted in the details section with specifics of any other important or relevant details.

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We thank you for your patronage!!