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New Release: “Obey Fire Sale” by Shepard Fairey

2018 Art Print New Release Obey Fire Sale Obey Giant Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey will be releasing a new print this week via Obey Giant, entitled Obey Fire Sale. This one's an 18" x 24″ screen print on cream speckle-tone paper, in a signed & numbered edition of 550, and will cost $55. Proceeds will benefit The Climate Reality Project.

On sale Thursday, August 16th, 2018, at 10:00am Pacific time (1pm EST) at

“Obey Fire Sale” by Shepard Fairey

My Obey Fire Sale print is a comment on the challenges any individual faces pushing for environmental and climate responsibility, especially when confronted with the massive power of fossil fuel industries whose short-sighted, profit-driven tactics include lobbying and bribing politicians who are supposed to work for the citizenry. The term “fire sale” means the liquidation of goods damaged in a fire, or it can mean a rush to sell off inventory before a bankruptcy. I was actually finished with this art before the record number of California wildfires broke out, but the literal fires, which climatologists say are a symptom of climate change, only amplify what I meant as a metaphorical critique of our short-sightedness which will lead to fire sales in low lying areas from Louisiana, to Florida, to Bangladesh. We need to vote and put pressure on the politicians and the corporations. The future depends on it! I’m donating proceeds from this print to The Climate Reality Project. Thanks for caring!  - Shepard

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