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New Release: “Ghost Stories" by Gary Pullin

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Mondo will be releasing Gary Pullin's new Ghost Stories movie poster today. This one's a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, in a numbered edition of 175, and will cost $45. There will also be a variant available (see below), in an edition of 100, for $60. Printed by Lady Lazarus Press.

On sale Tuesday, September 4th, 2018, at a random time at Follow Mondo on twitter for the on sale announcement.

“Ghost Stories" by Gary Pullin

“Ghost Stories" (Variant) by Gary Pullin

I discovered GHOST STORIES during its first incarnation as a successful play in the UK where it was being promoted as the scariest live horror event to ever cross the stage. When it came to Toronto in 2011, I had the opportunity to experience it first hand, and I really enjoyed it. GHOST STORIES is a well executed anthology of crafted frights that kept my wife clutching at my arm throughout the performance. The movie is true to the play, and the scares translate well to the screen.

When Mondo asked me to create a poster for the film, I grabbed my pencil, a flashlight and got to work. GHOST STORIES is an anthology that weaves together three chilling tales with genuine scares. It is a fun and fiendish tribute to the Amicus’ UK horror productions from the 1970's. I was inspired by the UK posters of that era with their vivid colors and bold graphic design. I landed upon the idea of a graphic, spooky ghost that unified the illustrations of the phantoms from the film, and a few other hidden treasures within the shadows. I think of anthologies as carnivals for the mind - short but exciting rides that leave you with just the right amount of adrenaline. The design of the ghost itself is something you could find glowing in the dark on a midway ride and hints to the thrills waiting inside.  -Gary Pullin

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