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New Release: “Cloud City Duel” & "Death Star II Duel" by Kevin Tong

2016 Art Print Cloud City Duel D&L Screenprinting Death Star II Duel Kevin Tong Mondo Star Wars

Just in time for the opening of Rogue One, Mondo will be releasing Kevin Tong's new Star Wars prints tomorrow, entitled "Cloud City Duel" (Empire Strikes Back) and "Death Star II Duel" (Return of the Jedi). Each piece is a 24" x 36″ screen print, in a numbered edition of 275, and will cost $60.

On sale Thursday, December 15th, 2016, at a random time here: Follow Mondo on twitter for the on sale announcement.

“Cloud City Duel” by Kevin Tong

"Death Star II Duel" by Kevin Tong

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