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New Release: “Back to the Future” by DKNG Studios

2018 Back to the Future DKNG Mondo Movie Poster New Release

Mondo will be releasing DKNG Studios' new officially-licensed Back to the Future print tomorrow. This one's a 36″ x 24″ screen print, in a numbered edition of 375, and will cost $50. There will also be a variant available (see below) on holographic foil paper, in an edition of 200, for $70. Printed by D&L Screenprinting.

On sale Thursday, October 4th, 2018, at a random time at Follow Mondo on twitter for the on sale announcement.

“Back to the Future” by DKNG Studios

“Back to the Future” (Variant) by DKNG Studios

We’ve always been big fans of the BACK TO THE FUTURE franchise and hoped to someday have the opportunity to illustrate the iconic DeLorean from the film. Thanks to Mondo, that dream came true in the form of both vinyl packaging and now two ultra large 36”x24" limited-edition screen prints.

The art itself is inspired in many ways by the depictions of the DeLorean that came before it. We knew that a profile view of the car has been interpreted by countless artists in many beautiful ways, so our goal was to create a new take on this viewpoint by zeroing in on the detail of the time machine. Capturing both exterior and interior through the open gull-wing doors, all while having fun with including a few Easter eggs. Creating the main edition of the poster in a neon '80s color palette was a must, but just in case it wasn’t colorful enough we created the variant edition on rainbow foil for an extra shimmery effect. - DKNG Studios

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