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New Release: "Pearl Jam Miami" by Chuck Sperry

2016 Chuck Sperry Gig Poster Limited Edition Miami New Release New Releases Pearl Jam Print Screenprint Sperry

Chuck Sperry will be dropping his new "Pearl Jam Miami" poster this week. This one's a beautiful five-color screen-print on cream paper. She's a 16″ x 35″ print, signed & numbered artist edition of 100. This is a very limited online release ...

On sale Wednesday, April 13th, 2016, at a random time here:

"I am honored to be working with Pearl Jam, one of my generation’s most creative, pioneering rock groups. For their Miami, South Florida appearance, I created a beautiful mermaid in a old school rock poster tattoo style, holding a “PJ” trident in one hand and a mysterious, glowing “impossible shape,” a forth dimensional triangle, to suggest the mystery of nature in the other hand. I hand screen printed this with hand-mixed gold inks, and translucent color layers, for an effect that glows."  - Chuck Sperry

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