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Josh Keyes - "Lifted II" 1st Edition - 2010

Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes - "Lifted II" 1st Edition - 2013

$ 699.99

Josh Keyes - "Lifted II" 1st Edition - 2013

Artist: Josh Keyes 
Year: 2013 
Class: Art Print 
Status: Official 
Released: 01/18/13 
Run: 150 
Technique: Giclee 
Size: 19.5" x 24" 
Markings: Signed & Numbered 
Condition: Near Mint (No notable condition issues) 
Comments: Features hand-deckled edges.

"Lifted II was a personal piece I created that expresses multiple ideas. On the literal level it is a critique on the mistreatment of circus animals and I envisioned a flood washing away the circus, setting the animals free but also creating a dangerous situation. The circus elephant, trained to lift and sit and perform tricks has lifted a young tiger cub to safety. The allegorical concept behind this image was to express the act of empathy and compassion that ignites a compulsion to help those less fortunate. When the water rises or the circus of life becomes too demanding sometimes we are the strong elephant and other times need to be helped like the little tiger." - Josh Keyes

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